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  • Athens - Agios Nikolaos

    Apartment For Sale


    135,000 €

  • Drapetsona - Analipsi

    Floor Apartment For Sale


    115,000 €

  • Drapetsona

    Apartment For Sale


    210,000 €

  • Korydallos - Ano Korydalos

    Apartment For Sale


    135,000 €

Piraeus - Pasalimani

Floor Apartment For Rent
127Sq.m   900€
(For Rent) Residential Floor Apartment || Piraias/Piraeus - 127 Sq.m, 900€

Keratsini - Eugeneia

Plot for development For Sale
466Sq.m   450,000€
(For Sale) Land Plot for development || Piraias/Keratsini - 467 Sq.m, 450.000€

Korydallos - Ano Korydalos

Apartment For Sale
85Sq.m   135,000€
(For Sale) Residential Apartment || Piraias/Korydallos - 85 Sq.m, 2 Bedrooms, 135.000€

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Angelos Giannopoulos
Broker/Owner - Dipl. Marketing Management
Member of Athens Realtors Union

Recently Listed

155Sq.m   105,000€

Agia Varvara

(For Sale) Land Plot || Athens West/Agia Varvara - 155 Sq.m, 105.000€

125Sq.m   500€

Keratsini - Tampouria
Floor Apartment

(For Sale) Residential Floor Apartment || Piraias/Keratsini - 125 Sq.m, 3 Bedrooms, 500€

200Sq.m   200,000€

Piraeus - Evaggelistria

(For Sale) Residential Building || Piraias/Piraeus - 200 Sq.m, 6 Bedrooms, 200.000€

We Suggest

Building For Sale  300Sq.m 155,000€

Drapetsona - Analipsi

(For Sale) Residential Building || Piraias/Drapetsona - 277 Sq.m, 155.000€

Small Studio For Sale  60Sq.m 47,500€

Piraeus - Kentro

(For Sale) Residential Small Studio || Piraias/Piraeus - 60 Sq.m, 1 Bedrooms, 47.500€

Office For Rent  200Sq.m 800€

Piraeus - Agioi Anargyroi/Retsina

(For Rent) Commercial Office || Piraias/Piraeus - 200Sq.m, 800€

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